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An exclusive table grill in stainless steel and oak. Transforms cooking into a common ritual.

Hikki's charcoal grill finds inspiration in the traditional Japanese hibachi grill (Hibachi means "Fire Bowl") mixed with Scandinavian simplicity; clean shapes in stainless steel meet warm oak details in a design that becomes a beautiful element in the outdoor kitchen or a centerpiece on the outdoor dining table.

Prepare bowls with finely chopped meat, seafood and vegetables or whatever you would like to put on the grill. Then let everyone compose their own barbecue skewer after taste. With Fyrbänk, cooking does not end when you sit down at the table. Instead it lasts throughout the meal and becomes a common activity where everyone participates in the cooking ritual.

With the removable shelves, you can put skewers on warmth a bit from the direct heat. Fyrbänk is a design grill that embodies the values ​​Hikki stands for - a good and simple life outdoor that revolves around the basic and in our opinion most important things - cooking, relaxing and socializing.


2mm stainless steel in the grill
1 mm stainless steel in the lid
Support legs & handles in oak


Width 73.5 cm
Depth 22.5 cm
Height 20 cm - Without lid
Height 24.2 cm - With lid


14 kg

Grill surface

55 cm x 16 cm


Robust grill grate included. The grill can be stored outdoors all year round


Frequently asked questions

Which carbon should I use?
You can use charcoal or briquettes. But if you want to take your grilling even further, we recommend that you read about different types of charcoal and its different characters. There is a plethora to choose from, some burn hotter and shorter time while others are cooler and longer, and all give their own taste character to the food.

The grill gets so hot that you burns?
We have designed the grill so that the hot charcoal is located in an inner chamber with an air gap to the sides and the lower plate of the grill. In this way, the outer plates are never as hot as the inner ones. This means that there is no danger if you accidentally bump your hand against the outer plates when you move your skewer. But they still get hot, so if you want to move the grill, use the wooden handles.

How hot does it get underneath? Can I place it on the table?
We have measured about 35 ° on the table surface under the grill when you have the charcoal grate turned with the back goose upwards and use a layer of charcoal. If you have the carbon rust turned in the other direction (like a cradle) and maximum with carbon, we have measured to about 48-50 ° on the surface. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that there is always a certain risk that the coal can crack small fleas if you choose a "standard coal". If you want to minimize the risk of embers, we recommend that you choose a charcoal that bounces less, for example Birchotan from Kolektivet - a charcoal made of birch, made in the village Kurkkio in Tornedalen.

How do I empty the grill?
The construction of this grill is made so that it can withstand extreme heat. Only loosely joined plates (2 mm stainless steel) should be able to move as the material expands or shrinks. Therefore, it is not advisable to pour water into the grill as the water will carry soot and ash out of the grill.
Before emptying the grill, make sure that all charcoal has really gone out and remember that carbon can glow for a long time after use. Start by lifting out the charcoal by placing a fork on the short side and lifting up the charcoal and scraping the charcoal down into a metal bucket or other metal container. Then grab both handles and empty the grill itself by placing it upright, so that one short side points downwards.

How do I store the grill?
Always put the lid on when you have finished grilling. The grill is made of stainless steel so it can withstand being outside in all weathers. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you put it under a roof in case it should rain, as in the worst case, water can get into the corners that carry soot out.

How do I maintain the grill?
No major maintenance is required other than emptying it of soot when required. If you want the wood details to maintain their warm brown luster, oil them in at regular intervals. But it is not necessary - if you let them be, over time they develop a beautiful matte silver-gray patina that interacts nicely with the metal. If you want to clean the metal, we recommend a soft sponge (use the soft side, not the scrub side) and a mild organic soap.