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“All Hikki's products have originated from a desire to create a glade for people. They are an extension of practical knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation. And through them, experiences move from our glade to yours, wherever you are.”

Per Enoksson, artist and founder of Hikki

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Take a break
and bake pizza!

Forget the outside world for a while by treating friends and loved ones to the pizzas of your dreams or flatbreads from your very own bakery.
About Gömsle

Do you
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while away time?

Traditional Japanese grilling technology and clean Scandinavian design combine in our Fyrbänk. A beautiful addition to your outdoor kitchen, as well as a centrepiece on the dining table in your glade.
About Fyrbänk


Där det är glest mellan husen och där fjällbjörken breder ut sig känner vi oss riktigt hemma. Vi gör produkter som inspireras av karg natur likväl som det färgstarka urbana. Ytterligheter som tillsammans skapar ett nytt sätt att vara, leva, umgås och slappna av.
Material, hållbarhet, kvalitet och årstidernas nötning - Hur vi tänker när vi designar våra produkter

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Best buy to the cabin

We've had a Sotiga Grytan for years now, and that's probably the best investment we've ever made. It stands outside our cabin, in the forest in the northernmost Ångermanland. Out there, we're taking a bath year around. In addition, Sotiga Grytan is easy to take care of, easy to keep clean and it´s smooth to get the fire going. Also Hikki is a beautiful furniture in the garden.

Anders Ringnér, Umeå

Beautiful and restful

Luxuriously with a wood fired bathtub all year round! Especially cozy in the winter to enjoy the warm water, the scent and the sound of the fire that creates peace and harmony! Easy to clean and empty. And also very beautiful! Cover are recommended if you are using it all year around.

Birgitta, Tärnaby

Faster Greta is amazing!

I've been looking for a wood fired oven for a long time, so when I saw Faster Greta, I bought it right away. So simple to have the fire separated from the oven, much easier to keep the heat. We bake pizza, sourdough bread, crispbread and soft cake and there is no need to make the root vegetables in the interior kitchen anymore. I recommend everyone to buy Faster Greta immediately!

Niclas Persson, Djurhamn

Versatile and useful outdoor furniture

Faster Greta is a very versatile and useful outdoor furniture. We grill, bake and heat roasts, pizzas, bread, fish, seafood, vegetables. It keeps us warm in the autumn and spring evenings while we cook. You can choose to let it get surface rust or keep it black using waste oil. Superb in our opinion!

Lennart Jonasson, Sollefteå