Here are answers on the most common questions about our wood-fired bathtubs. It can be important to know if you are in the choice between a wood-fired bathtub, hot tub or outdoor spa. The most important thing is that you think about your specific needs before buying.

Wood-fired bathtub or hot tub?

If you prefer to take a bath with your partner, friend or alone, a wood-fired bathtub is the best choice since it has fast heating and requires less water than a hot tub, you don't have to plan far in advance when to take a bath. Little effort and the joy of being spontaneous allows you to use it often. Our customers also highlight the minimal maintenance of bathtubs and durability as crucial factors in choosing between a wood-fired bathtub or the bigger hot tub. It should also be added that our customers value the design as well! And that makes us very happy.

How long does it take to heat up and how much wood is needed?

If you start with a water temperature of about 8 degrees it takes around 80-90 minutes. That's from spring to autumn. Winter time from 4-degree water takes about 120 – 140 minutes. Then you should put sleeping mats on the water surface as a cover on the water. We have bathed when it has been-20 degrees without any problems, but you should wear a hat. You need around 30 liters (10 kg) of firewood for a bath during the warmer season, a sack of firewood of the kind you find out in the shops. Wood from hardwood works best, preferably high quality dry birch wood.

How to get the right temperature in the water?

Stir in the water at regular intervals while heating the tub. Measure the temperature with a bath thermometer. Stop fire when you have reached about 36 degrees and keep the fire at a level that maintains the heat. If it gets too hot, you can close the air supply to the stove. A comfortable bathing temperature is about 40 degrees. It's a good idea to use the stick for Bohemen when stirring the tub.

Does the sheet metal of the tub get hot so you burn yourself?

No, the plate keeps the same temperature as the water in the tub. If you have heated the water to 40 degrees, the plate will keep the same temperature. The water near the stove can be perceived as warmer after a while. Then stir with your arms and the heat will be evenly distributed throughout the tub. The plate in Sotiga Grytan naturally gets hotter on the underside as you burn under it. But you will not experience any uncomfortable heat sitting in the tub as we solved this by first putting a protective plate on the bottom of the inside of the tub and a wooden seating surface on top.

Is there a lid or cover?

Yes, there is a shelter of chapel fabric to Bohemen, it is available under accessories and is called Regntyg. It can be good to have something to put over the tub to avoid for example falling leaves.

Can I have my wood-fired bathtub on a terrace?

If you have bought Bohemen which has an integrated stove inside the tub, you can place it directly on a wooden deck. Make sure it stands on a load-bearing rule as it will weigh about 850 kilograms with water and people. Sotiga Grytan requires you to prepare a fireproof surface of gravel or a paving for example, as the fireplace is placed under the bathtub.

How do I empty the water after bathing?

You connect a hose to the flange of the tap hole and divert the water to the appropriate drain. Check with your municipality what is best suited where you live. If you have your wood-burning bathtub on the countryside, you can let the water out on the lawn or drag the water to a ditch.

Can I move my wood-burning bathtub?

Both Bohemen and Sotiga Grytan are easy to move if you want to take your bath somewhere else. Remove all equipment from the tub to make it easier. Two people can easily carry an aluminum bathtub for a shorter distance. You can hardly do that with a hot tub! The Sotiga Grytan even fits in the trunk of a larger station wagon. But measure the space first so you know for sure.

When and how can you light the fire?

Bohemen has a stove inside the tub - so no open fire. Sotiga Grytan can be fired both with an open fire and with a stove that closes the fire under the tub. If you do not know what applies to heating, contact your municipality's environmental and building office to find out what applies exactly where you live. Describe how you intend to fire. Keep in mind that the smoke from wood burning can be annoying to neighbors.

How is the environment affected by wood burning?

Wood and other types of bioenergy are renewable energy sources that are part of the natural cycle. Biofuels, usually wood, are renewed within a foreseeable time and when they burn, carbon dioxide that goes out via the flue gases is released. The forest grows and uses carbon dioxide to build up new biomass and the carbon cycle is closed. Read more about firewood and wood burning in the excellent book "Ved" (available in Swedish) by author Lars Mytting.

Are there alternative heating options?

Do you want to be able to take a bath outdoor without burning? There are stainless steel ethanol burners that can be placed under the Sotiga Grytan.Then you can use the bathtub on your plot in built-up areas. Fill the tub with hot water from your home and maintain the heat with environmentally friendly bioethanol of the type used for pleasant fires. You need to pave under the tub as protection for the heat that goes down towards the hill. We recommend not to use any heating other than environmentally friendly bioethanol.

I have limited with water and can't change after every bath?

Water filtration placed over the edge of the tub is available if you want to use the same water for a whole week. The filter removes particles and debris but not bacteria, for that you need to add salt tablets. Do not use chlorine in the water as it may discolor the aluminium.

How do I store my bathtub over the winter?

It is of course possible to use it during the winter. If you want to winter store the tub, remove all loose parts. Oil the wooden frame with for example teak oil. Wipe off any spillage that drip on the aluminium. Lay out two rough wooden rails on the ground and place the tub upside down on them. Make sure that air can flow between the wooden frame of the tub and the ground. Oil the visibly exposed wood-edge of the tub. If you put a tarpaulin over the tub, you must not make a dense environment around it, it must be airy. Clean and oil the interior after it has dried. Preferably store it in a cold storage room.

Maintenance of the interior of oak?

Your bathtub's interior is oiled with raw linseed oil upon delivery to you. It is entirely on your own responsibility if you want to try another vegetable oil. Remember to wipe off any oil that get on the aluminium as it can cause stains if allowed to dry. Clean the wooden interior with soapy water and a soft brush.

Allow the interior to dry completely before you apply oil. Make sure to oil the end wood of the wooden ribs thoroughly. The humidity depends on where in the country you live. You've probably gained an insight into it by seeing how the growth of organisms is on for example your outdoor furniture. You can grind away dark spots that occur on the interior of your bathtub and then apply oil. Some customers prefer that the wooden interior have a rustic character and if so, do not use any oil. Then it becomes completely silvery gray over time.

Can I use the bathtub without a stove?

Yes, you can. In summer can you fill up with cold water for comfortable cooling on hot summer days. It can be especially appreciated by the children to use it as a pool. Remember to never leave kids unattended with the tub. You can also have the tub as a pleasant accessory for a sauna. Imagine being allowed to cool down with ice-cold water after a hot sauna bath. If you fill it with warm water directly from your home, you should have a heat source that maintains the heat. See under alternative heating options. The Sotiga Grytan bathtub is designed to also serve as a stylish outdoor bath.

Why do you use aluminum in the tub instead of stainless steel?

We want the bathtubs to be easy to move and able to age developing their own beautiful character over the years. Over time, scratches and stains merge with the surrounding surface. Aluminium is attacked by oxidisation and when attacked, it forms a protective layer with the effect that the aluminum gets self-healing. Clean your wood-burning tub with soap and use only soft cloths or sponges that cannot scratch the plate.

I got black mold on the wood interior - what can I do?

Warm and humid weather can cause the growth of black mold on wood but it is nothing to worry about, it is completely harmless. However, it can look unpleasant and you have two choices:

1. Do nothing

The wood will turn gray over time and the black mold will fade away during the process.

2. Scrape away

Remove with a scraper and do as the pictures show. However, be very careful not to cut yourself. Make sure the wood is completely dry before scraping it.

Black mold Take a new blade
Make sure you tilt the blade so that you scrape and not cut the surface Scrape off the black mold - it may take some work
The roots of the black mold go down a little into the wood, but keep scraping and you will get rid of them. In the end you have a surface free of mold! Now you can oil the wood again.