Decorate the conservatory this spring? Hikki offers some tips!

Inreda uterummet i vår? Hikki bjuder på lite tips!

In the spring, it's not only buds that are missing, but out in the cottages, the home fixers also wake up from their hibernation and start sketching, planning, googling lumber, making shopping lists and so on. Balconies will be built, conservatories will be decorated and flower beds will be planted. Once winter has let go of spring, a tidal wave of creativity and ingenuity rolls out of the Swedish cottages, and an equally sure sign of spring as the song of the blackbird is the chainsaws that simmer in the Swedish backyards. And it's fine - we applaud creativity and ingenuity!

But a backyard does not just have to mean a trampoline and plastic furniture, instead it can be a place to take the turns a little more - a place to build and decorate a conservatory that really extends the summer season, where you can do everything from eating , rest, socialize and maybe even… bathe?

Inreda uterummet i vår - Hikki bjuder på lite tips

Build a conservatory or patio around outdoor swimming

Swimming outdoors together is a relaxing and unpretentious activity. If you are thinking of building a hot tub in the terrace, we have a nice and in many ways simpler alternative in our outdoor bathtub Bohemen ! Basically a small hot tub for two adults and two children with a built-in stove and which can be bathed all year round. Unlike a larger hot tub, Bohemen is much faster to heat, requires much less wood and weighs very little in comparison - a perfect alternative for those who want to build a conservatory with a bath as the central element.

Bohemen woodfired outdoor bathtub

Bohemian at one of our customers. A great way to build a conservatory with a bath as the central element! Because the stove is inside the tub, you can place it directly on the wooden deck - no heat shield or insulation is needed in between.

An advantage of Bohemia is that you do not have to damage your patio or plan for a permanent place for the tub in your conservatory. The tub is also so light that it is a narrow thing to lift up it on a trailer to take it to the summer cottage if you so wish - two can lift without any problems.

Decorate the conservatory for an outdoor hot tub!

Why not complement an outdoor bath with suitable details such as a few stumps, a couple of buckets in zinc, a stack of birch wood and a nice fire basket? A conservatory can have elements of a little coarser textures - wood, brass, zinc and a little coarse knitted textiles. A mix between cozy and rustic, quite simply.

zinc bucket with cold water
Photo: vreimunde (Flickr CC 2.0) A simple zinc bucket with cold water can be nice to have on hand if you want to cool off a bit during a hot bath

Footnote: Always check with your municipal office what rules for heating and draining water apply where you live, as they can differ from municipality to municipality, and from area to area.

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