Bake and cook outdoors in a wood-fired pizza oven

wood-fired pizza oven

The most crispy and delicious pizza is made, as most people know, in a wood-fired pizza oven. Imagine having an outdoor one in your own garden that both does the job, is beautiful and can also be moved or put away if you want.

Food and pastries prepared outdoors always taste better in some way. It is as if nature and the fresh air put their own little touch on what is then to be enjoyed in our mouths. With a Faster Greta you can do everything you do in a normal oven indoors, but also a little more.

Faster Greta is a wood-fired pizza oven for outdoor use that can be used for baking, cooking and grilling. It also works great as a warming stove on those cool summer evenings. Inside the lower part there is a damper you can open to let in some of the smoke and thus get a slightly smoky character to the food being prepared.

Make your own favorite

Make your own favorite pizza, bake bread, toast vegetables or why not bake a potato gratin. You fire in the lower part and when the fire has burned out and only the hot red ember bed remains, you can put in the grill grate, throw on the meat and grill. Why not end the dinner with a lukewarm raspberry pie and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

wood-fired pizza oven

Easy-care, wood-fired pizza oven

Aunt Greta is an easy-care, wood-fired pizza oven for outdoor cooking made of corten steel and which, due to the changing of the seasons, has a protective rust layer, which also makes it just more beautiful. Corten steel means that in other words it does not require any external care.

For cleaning the inside, you only brush off the stones in the oven with a wire brush when they get dirty. The stove is easily emptied of coal and soot by placing a tin form underneath and sweeping down the remains through the hole.

wood-fired pizza oven

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