Outdoor spa - Tips and advice for you who are going to build yourself

Bygg ett utomhusspa med Hikkis utomhusbadkar Bohemen

Building an outdoor spa is a dream of many homeowners. But outdoor spas often look quite greedy and plastic. With one of our outdoor bathtubs Bohemen and Sotiga Grytan, you can easily build your own outdoor spa on your plot, which simply looks nicer and more genuine. You can even lower the bohemian down into the terrace, although we think that one of the great advantages of our outdoor bathtubs is that they can be moved to any place on the plot.

"Many people who buy our bathtubs choose to decorate a spa corner somewhere in the garden, where the view is optimal but where you are still close to the house"

Our bathtubs stand well on most types of surfaces, including wooden decks. Due to the fact that they are smaller than a regular spa bath, they also do not become as heavy as these. Many who buy our bathtubs choose to decorate a spa corner somewhere in the garden, where the view is optimal but where you are still close to the house. In addition to the tub, you can also place a sweat lodge or small sauna, or why not a fireplace like Faster Greta, to easily combine the bath with a little sausage grilling and some cold beers.

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy the outdoors

It is not suitable for everyone to have a large plastic outdoor spa on the veranda. But the feeling that an outdoor spa can give, the feeling of cold air combined with hot water and steam, the proximity to and the scents of nature, is something we think all people long for. That's why we started developing our products to begin with. Instead of plastic, we have chosen to build our outdoor bathtubs in aluminum and oak, partly to make them look better and feel more genuine, but also to make them age better. Sure, our guys change their appearance over the years, but they're just getting prettier and prettier.

Easier to heat and clean

Of course, size also matters. A smaller tub for two to four people can of course heat up faster than a larger outdoor spa, and the tub is also so light that they can be easily emptied of water and cleaned by hand. When you decorate your spa, you can also if you want to connect a sand filter to the tub, which means that you do not have to change the water between each bath. A sand filter effectively removes dirt, lint and hair from the water, allowing it to be used multiple times. However, it does not remove bacteria from the water, so as a supplement you should use a chlorphite disinfectant. Also, do not use the same water for more than a week straight.

Your own site on your own terms

With a small outdoor spa on the plot, you get a small peaceful place to use all year round, perfect both when you are home with your family or have friends visiting. That in the winter rolling in the snow and then sinking into the hot water is really a breathtaking and special experience, and during long summer evenings you can take turns dipping while the rest of the gang plays cards or maybe prepares some pizzas in front of the wood burning stove. A spa centered around one of our outdoor baths requires no electrical connections or chlorine tablets, just plenty of birch wood and a love of nature and the simplicity of life. 

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