How to clean a hot tub?

Hur rengör man en badtunna?

Cleaning a hot tub is no big deal - after the bath you simply drain the water and flush it out. If a little coarser dirt has settled, use a mild washing soap.

Our outdoor bathtubs Bohemia and Sooty Casserole are very easy to clean - drain the water, remove the interior, scrub and flush out the tub and tip it upright so that the water flows out. For any stains and dirt where there is not enough water, you can use a mild soap, preferably organic. We do not recommend using tools with polishing discs or the like, as the aluminum risks being scratched, nor do you use a high-pressure washer to clean the wood, as it risks being damaged. An ordinary sponge and a little old-fashioned hand wash fix most things. Do not use chlorine or other potent chemical cleaners.

To avoid bacterial growth, we recommend that the water not be used or left in the tub for more than two days in a row. It is also good for the wooden interior to be allowed to dry between baths to minimize the risk of mold or algae growth.

The wood interior in our outdoor bathtubs does not need to be oiled, it still works fine. If left untreated, it will eventually have a beautiful matte silver-gray luster.

Oiling the interior is not a requirement, it works just fine completely untreated, but if you want to keep its brown-yellow color and luster, you oil it a few times a year. Remember not to oil the wood interior until the wood is completely dry, otherwise the oil will not penetrate as deeply into the wood and will not "settle" as well in the wood fibers.

Water filtration for hot tub and outdoor tub

If you have limited access to water but still want to swim in new, fresh water every time, a sand filter is a perfect solution. The principle is simple; you discharge used bath water, purify it through an external sand filter, and return fresh clean water to the tub again. We have equipped Bohemen with two tap holes so that you can easily connect a sand filter without having hoses and clamps hanging over the bathtub edge.

Our Bohemen outdoor bath has two connections, which means you can easily connect a sand filter and clean the water

Another measure for good water hygiene is to take a shower before the bath, as we carry a variety of bacteria and mites quite naturally on our skin. In that case, just shower yourself, do not use soap, shampoo or the like, plain water is enough.

Clean the stove

Between laps, you need ash from the stove, which you easily do by lifting the stove pipe from the stove, loosen the knot that holds it in place and then you simply pick the stove out of the tub and shake off the ash and soot. Keep in mind that embers can linger for a long time, so we recommend that you do not clean the stove too close in time after a bath, and that you do so in a place where you do not risk anything catching fire.

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