Hikki makes products that are inspired not only by barren natural landscapes but also by colorful urban experiences. Extremes that together create a new way of being, living, socializing and relaxing. Our range includes outdoor bathtubs as well as robust and simple products for cooking in the open air.

Our history

Per Enoksson, artist and product developer, is the founder of the company Hikki. Born and raised in Tärnaby in Västerbottensfjällen. Per, who has a Sami background, learned at a young age how to make Sami objects from different natural materials.

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Our design process

When developing our products, many things must be taken into account, ranging from how much the wood swells in humid weather to the radius of the bending degree of the metal. But the first output spunk is always the materials - we choose the absolute best with regard to function, wear resistance and service life.

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Here we have gathered many good tips and ideas about a relaxed life outdoors and you will also learn how to bake Faster Greta's cake.

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We who work at Hikki

Per Enoksson founder of Hikki



Founder of Hikki. Commutes between being an artist and a product developer. Works with sales and development work on new products and with the brand. Likes problem solving that in its best moments gives birth to something useful and meaningful. A typical multi-tasker with perspectives from mountains and city.

per@hikki.se linkdin_icon
Marianne Lindgren



Marianne works with customer service, finance, administration, logistics, product photography and marketing. She is a passionate photographer and is happy to capture people and the beautiful mountain world in Hemavan Tärnaby in pictures. She is a yearround swimmer wannabee with great #wildswimming ambitions in the mountain lakes, but so far it is mostly just talk.


+46 (0)954 - 725 028

Andreas Norberg



Versatile graphic designer & designer. Works with editing films, product photography and digital drawings for new products. Likes to make good and accurate design, whether it means writing well-distributed HTML or calibrating the arrest on a plane planing board to exactly 90.

Andreas@hikki.se linkdin_icon



Easy to use and stylish

Love the fact that it is so easy to use and so easy to move around. Our holiday makers love it. Oh and very stylish too ❤️❤️

Jacqui Lower Green Herefordshire

Fine craftsmanship

I work in the industry myself and weld aluminum sometimes so it was a joy for the eye to unpack Bohemen. What an enormously fine and really serious craft! Thanks!

Ola Smedjebacken


I just ordered one more Lillhälla when the first one I ordered that was meant for the cottage got stuck in town instead as we liked it so much. Lillhälla is versatile and we use it both to grill sausages, make coffee or just sit and warm up on a sunny winter day. Can highly recommend a purchase, fast delivery too!

Markus Mariehamn, Åland

Faster Greta is amazing!

I've been looking for a wood fired oven for a long time, so when I saw Faster Greta, I bought it right away. So simple to have the fire separated from the oven, much easier to keep the heat. We bake pizza, sourdough bread, crispbread and soft cake and there is no need to make the root vegetables in the interior kitchen anymore. I recommend everyone to buy Faster Greta immediately!

Niclas Persson Djurhamn

Beautiful and restful

Luxuriously with a wood fired bathtub all year round! Especially cozy in the winter to enjoy the warm water, the scent and the sound of the fire that creates peace and harmony! Easy to clean and empty. And also very beautiful! Cover are recommended if you are using it all year around.

Birgitta Tärnaby

Versatile and useful outdoor furniture

Faster Greta is a very versatile and useful outdoor furniture. We grill, bake and heat roasts, pizzas, bread, fish, seafood, vegetables. It keeps us warm in the autumn and spring evenings while we cook. You can choose to let it get surface rust or keep it black using waste oil. Superb in our opinion!

Lennart Jonasson Sollefteå

Best buy to the cabin

We've had a Sotiga Grytan for years now, and that's probably the best investment we've ever made. It stands outside our cabin, in the forest in the northernmost Ångermanland. Out there, we're taking a bath year around. In addition, Sotiga Grytan is easy to take care of, easy to keep clean and it´s smooth to get the fire going. Also Hikki is a beautiful furniture in the garden.

Anders Ringnér Umeå