Hikki - the alternative to whirlpools and hot tubs

Hikki - alternativet till spabad och badtunnor
Hot tubs and hot tubs have become popular with those who want an outdoor pool at their villa or in their garden. Despite this, Hikki's founder Per Enoksson understood that it did not suit everyone's needs. Per therefore started to develop an alternative outdoor bath that would feel a little more genuine. Above all, Per wanted to develop something nicer, more functional and that felt exclusive in all its simplicity.

Per chose to use robust materials such as aluminum and oak, which means that the bathtub can withstand aging and gain character over the years. The bathtub's design also makes them unique and different from the hot tubs and spas. When it comes to the characteristics of the bathtub, there is no doubt that the bathtub was designed to be used. Small volume of water - fast heating time and little maintenance.

To return to the title. For many of our customers, it is of great importance to be able to unwind in their free time. To find a life without demands and stress. The conservatory and garden provide great opportunities for those who are creative and create their own "glade" for rest and recreation. To surround yourself with well-chosen products where form and design are part of the overall experience. As more and more people create conservatories to enjoy nature and tranquility, we are extremely happy about the increased interest in the Hikki alternative. With more bathtubs in the home, our curiosity has not been able to stop us from asking our customers for pictures. Below you get a taste of what it can look like at home with our customers.

Alternative to whirlpools and hot tubs Alternative to whirlpools and hot tubs

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