Great interest in Hikki's wood-fired bathtub

Stort intresse för Hikkis vedeldade badkar
Finally, we had the opportunity to showcase our products in a large booth that did them justice. Building the Bo-fair in Västerås was a great success for Hikki. The greatest interest was given to our wood-fired bathtubs Bohemen and Sotiga grytan, which created attention from both visitors and other exhibitors. During the weekend we stood next to spas and hot tubs, so it was nice to show Hikki as an alternative for people who prefer a more manageable outdoor bath and also with an appealing design as some customers put it.

It was at the same time fun to be able to show Hikki's baking oven for the first time, which can soon be purchased in our online store. Baking flatbread in a wood-fired oven is close to our heart and origin. Above all, we are very happy about the number of speculators who were decorating the gardens at home and saw new opportunities with baking bread and cooking in their outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven / baking oven from Hikki. Despite the fact that we competed against over 100 exhibitors for the visitors' attention, our stand was well attended. NOTE. the picture was taken before the fair opened :).

We were lucky enough to visit Västerås during the Culture Night so there were many nice events around the city and a crowd on the streets and squares. We will probably return again next year.

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