Hikki's history

Per Enoksson, artist and product developer, is the founder of the company Hikki. Born and raised in Tärnaby in the Västerbotten mountains. Per, who has a Sami background, learned at a young age how to make Sami utensils from different natural materials. Experiences that greatly contributed to his career choice later in life.

A budding business idea

In the mid-90's, Per made a tent sauna similar to the one used by First Nations in North America for ceremonial sauna baths (Sweat Lodge). The sweat lodge was intended for the mountain cabin and could be moved easily if needed. An obsolete enamel bathtub was placed next to the sweat lodge. The water was heated by firing directly under the tub and flat stone slabs on the bottom insulated against the heat from below. The experience with both bathtub and sweat lodge gave a unique feeling. The rituals around the bath, the fire and bare nature against bare feet became an important part of the experience. More people should experience this! And that was the basis for an idea to be born several years later - and together with it - the start of the company Hikki.

Per son i den första badkarsprototypen

Wood-fired bathtub - the alternative to the hot tub

Several years later, during a long and strenuous mountain hike when the longing for a bath was at its greatest - a product idea suddenly arose. Based on previous experiences with the enamel bathtub and sauna bath, Per saw a new type of hot tub for his inner eye. Or rather a wood-fired bathtub. Something that had rapid heating, was easy to clean and designed with care. The model was the old zinc baths with their beautiful patina and the experience of a warm bath and fire in the open air. Trying to create something new based on something ancient became the goal of the design and to create sustainable products for bathing, resting and recreation outdoor. The first prototype of a wood-fired bathtub came in 2009 and at the launch in 2010 it was named Bohemen.

Designing simple, sustainable products with a timeless design - which encourages a soothing lifestyle - is the very heart of Hikki's concept.