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Hot tub and spa bath - simple and robust outdoor bathtubs

Our outdoor bath Bohemen is a perfect alternative to a hot tub or a spa bath. With fast heating, quality materials straight through and light weight, it´s easy to own, clean, store and - not least - to use.

Make a fire in the Bohemen stove, wait an hour and a half until the water reaches a comfortable temperature and then you can sink into a warm bath outdoors in the company of yourself or someone close.

The design of the bathtub makes it as big as is required for the small family - but not larger. This means that it takes a little water to fill it, which in turn means little wood consumption and fast heating time. But the tub is not only simple and economical to use, it´s just as smart when it comes to maintenance; in a few minutes you have picked out and cleaned both the bathtub and the interior.

If you want to store the tub for a long time, simply remove all the interior, lay out two boards and put the tub upside down over them!

Small hot tub, hot tub for two or an outdoor bathtub

The bathtubs use quality materials right through - a body of saltwater - resistant aluminum and a solid oak interior allows you to take water from the tap, river or sea - which is smooth if you don't have access to running water at the cottage.

If you also have a garden, you can empty the bath water in the flower or vegetable patch, as the used water is nourished with microscopic biological material after a bath. This way you can create your own smooth and environmentally smart cycle!