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Faster Greta

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A baking oven, wood-fired pizza oven and fireplace for outdoor use. Perfect for pizza and bread, and all kinds of oven cooking.

Greta was a kind-hearted Sami woman from Tärnaby regions. At her home, there was always fresh coffee for passing hikers, friends and acquaintances. With luck, you could be offered freshly baked bread - Gaahkoe in Sami - directly from the stove. Our baking oven Faster Greta is a tribute to her baking skills and testified generosity.

Faster Greta can be used outdoor as a baking oven in which to bake pizza, bread and all sorts of goodies, but you can also use it as a stove. As the outdoor fireplace it radiates a wonderful warmth during chilly spring and autumn evenings.

Faster Greta is made of corten steel which is a so-called rust resistant material, often used to design artwork and outdoor objects. By the seasonal changes, the steel will get a maroon character as a protective oxide layer.

3mm corten steel in stove part
Steel chimney & handles in oak
Width 71 cm
Depth 50 cm
Height 92 cm - Without chimney
Height 156 cm - With chimney

76 kg - without detachable parts
125 kg - Includes all parts

160 kg - Includes all parts and packaging

rear face
47 cm x 47 cm
(43 cm opening)
65 cm - ground to stone hearth
baking temperature
Can be heated to about 350 ° degrees
Otherwise The grill grate is included

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Vanliga frågor & svar

What kind of food can I cook in Faster Greta?
Lots of things! Pizza, bread, gratins, steaks and slow cooker - basically everything you can do in a regular oven. But Faster Greta is not only a baking oven, the lower part is also a grill. So when the fire has burned down, you simply push in the included grill grate and take care of the embers!

How long does it take before you are up to the right temperature?
It depends on what to cook, but we usually say about an hour to get up to a good pizza temperature. There are also nice thermometers to buy that you can set in the oven part if you want a detailed check of the heat.

Can I have Faster Greta on a terrace?
Faster Greta is made to stand free outdoors. We have many customers who use it on the terrace, but it is at your own risk. If you place it on the terrace, you should think about laying paving stones or concrete slabs underneath (4 pcs 50x50cm), and always have it well insulated around Faster Greta as it emits radiant heat, on all sides. Common sense and caution should prevail.

Does it work as a fireplace?
It works great as a fireplace! Start by removing both doors before firing. Sitting around a crackling fire with good friends on a cold autumn evening is magical. With our baking oven Faster Greta, there will simply be more time for outdoor enjoyment in autumn and winter.

Does Faster Greta require a lot of maintenance? 
No, on the contrary. Because it is made of corten steel, it can withstand being outside all year round, in all kinds of weather. The only thing you basically need to do is empty the stove part from coal and soot a little now and then, and brush the stones in the oven part with a wire brush when they get dirty.

How does corten steel age?
Newly made corten steel is gray and shiny. If the corten steel is used outdoors, it will change color to reddish brown before it darkens even more. It is the effect of rain and moisture that gives the steel its rusty surface and depending on the surrounding conditions, this normally takes about 1-5 weeks. During the first year, while the rust layer is being formed, the product can leave stains of rust on other materials that come into contact with the steel, for example on wood. This can be brushed off with a metal brush. After approximately 1 year will the corten steel hardly emit rust anymore.

Is it difficult to move Faster Greta ?
It is not difficult, but it requires two people. The first thing you do is remove all loose parts - doors, stones, plates, etc. Then you lift it in the round bars that sit on each side. Once the corten steel has gained its patina, it colors easily, so wear clothes that are durable.