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A fireplace and grill in corten steel. Perfect for cooking and making coffee outdoor.

The human being has always had an inherent power to keep the fire alive. It nourishes the flight of the eye, evokes memories and stories. To move between land areas and master the natural elements for their survival. The fire and the place of cooking are the very core of life. It is from that legacy the fireplace Lillhälla originate.

Lillhälla is a fireplace that is developed for grilling and cooking over an open fire. And for those who like to make coffee the old-fashioned way. The fireplace has protective edges against the wind and the wood can lie down. This makes it easy to ignite and glowing coals are kept inside the basket. Simply perfect for those who want to create a barbecue area where you can hang out around a warming fire.

Corten steel is a so-called stainless steel material and is often used for works of art and design objects outdoor. From the changing of the seasons, the plate acquires a reddish-brown character when a protective oxide layer is formed.


Corten steel 3 mm
Grill grate in stainless steel


Width 44cm
Depth 44cm
Height 40cm
Internal dimensions of the fireplace 37 x 37 cm


19.5 Kg


Manual | Installation instructions

Frequently asked questions

How much maintenance does Lillhälla require?
Basically nothing. As Lillhälla is made of corten steel, it can withstand being outside all year round. So the only maintenance you need to do is empty it of ash and clean the grill grate a little now and then.

How does corten steel age?
Newly made corten steel is gray and shiny. If the corten steel is contained outdoors, it will change color to reddish brown before it darkens even more. It is the effect of rain and moisture that gives the steel its rusty surface and depending on the surrounding conditions, this normally takes about 1-5 weeks. During the first year, while the rust layer is being formed, the product can leave stains of rust on other materials that come into contact with the steel, for example on wood. This can be brushed off with a metal brush. After approximately 1 year will the corten steel hardly emit rust anymore.

Can I use charcoal in Lillhälla?
Yes, it works really well!

Lillhälla comes in parts, can I also take it apart?
Yes you can. But rather see it as a movable fireplace in your garden. It is made of 3 mm corten steel and weighs almost 20 kilos, so you do not take with you on an excursion.