Ernst Kirchsteiger describes Hikki's outdoor bathtub

Ernst Kirchsteiger badar i Hikkis utomhusbadkar Bohemen

 Ernst Kirchsteiger

It has now been some years since the interior design and design guru Ernst Kirchsteiger showed off our bathtub Bohemen outdoor bathtub for the Swedish people. We are very happy about the enthusiasm for outdoor swimming in general and Hikki's outdoor spa in particular that Ernst conveyed through the TV screen. Ernst has become an ambassador for the values ​​Hikki also shares, that is: the exclusive in the simple.

We are also happy that Ernst chose to show off the bathtub Bohemen in both Summer with Ernst and Christmas with Ernst , which we interpret as a good rating ! Ernst Kirchstegier's TV program on TV4 has been a recurring reference for people we have met over the years, even today we meet people who remember the bathtub from these programs.

Below is a small text excerpt from Summer with Ernst:

- If you are going to have an outdoor bath on this plot, by this house. So this place is definitely the most beautiful. When you sit in the hot bath, you have a view of the sparkling water. There is talk that water has a cleansing effect and I believe in it. When you sit by a sparkling water and also sit in a nice bath, all the world's accidents and worries flow out of you. 

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