Hikki Bohemen badkar Stärkelsefabriken


See the house dreams that follow the transformation from an old abandoned starch factory to a fantastic home.

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Baka med hjärtat som Faster Greta gjorde

Bake with the heart as Aunt Greta did

Aunt Greta is a tribute to a kind-hearted Sami woman named Greta from Tärnaby. Greta is the aunt of Hikki's founder Per Enoksson. She baked the tastiest flatbreads imaginable in the cottage's wood stove and invited passers-by along with a cup of coffee. Here we share her kakun recipe. Aunt Gretas Kakun - soft Sami flatbread 2 packets of yeast 1 liter of liquid - 0.5 liters of water and 0.5 liters of milk el. file 50-100 grams of margarine 0.5 packets of wheat flour 0.5 deciliters of syrup 0.5 teaspoon antler salt The yeast is stirred into the liquid....

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Inreda uterummet i vår? Hikki bjuder på lite tips!

Decorate the conservatory this spring? Hikki offers some tips!

In the spring, it's not only buds that are missing, but out in the cottages, the home fixers also wake up from their hibernation and start sketching, planning, googling lumber, making shopping lists and so on. Balconies will be built, conservatories will be decorated and flower beds will be planted. Once winter has let go of spring, a tidal wave of creativity and ingenuity rolls out of the Swedish cottages, and an equally sure sign of spring as the song of the blackbird is the chainsaws that simmer in the Swedish backyards. And it's fine - we applaud creativity and...

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Bygg ett utomhusspa med Hikkis utomhusbadkar Bohemen

Outdoor spa - Tips and advice for you who are going to build yourself

Building an outdoor spa is a dream of many homeowners. But outdoor spas often look quite greedy and plastic. With one of our outdoor bathtubs Bohemen and Sotiga Grytan, you can easily build your own outdoor spa on your plot, which simply looks nicer and more genuine. You can even lower the bohemian down into the terrace, although we think that one of the great advantages of our outdoor bathtubs is that they can be moved to any place on the plot. "Many people who buy our bathtubs choose to decorate a spa corner somewhere in the garden, where the...

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