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Pizza oven, fireplace, table grill and barbecue

Cooking and socialize outdoors

Do you feel curious about cooking and baking outdoors but find a bricked pizza oven too complicated, an outdoor kitchen too big and a baker's cottage not even to think about? Then our wood-fired pizza oven Faster Greta can be for you, as it's all those things at the same time, but in a much smoother format!

Faster Greta is a corten steel stove for outdoor use that you can bake pizza and bread in, but it doesn't end there - it basically manages all the cooking that you do in a regular oven and you can even grill and sear over the glow bed in the lower stove section. Corten steel is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance, which means that you do not have to cover it or take it in during the winter months - it is able to stand outside under the bare sky, in all weathers.

Our Fyrbänk charcoal grill is an exclusive stainless steel and oak table grill, inspired by the traditional Japanese hibachi grill mixed with Scandinavian simplicity. With Fyrbänk, cooking does not end when you sit down at the table, but it instead goes on throughout the meal and becomes a joint activity where everyone participates in the cooking ritual.

Lillhälla is a fireplace and grill - also the one in the same durable and carefree corten steel. Lillhälla is perfect to gather around a fun evening to grill sausages, fish and marsmallows, or just to warm your fingers and make a cup of coffee.

The frying and baking hob Hetvägg can be used together with Lillhälla or alone over an open fire. Bake flatbread or cook meals suitable for a smooth grill hob.

Bake pizza in Faster Greta - it's that simple!

The basis of a good pizza is very simple, and reflects its origins as poor man's food - a good dough, a fine tomato sauce and a flavorful cheese. Over the years, the pizza has been refined and developed, but the foundation remains the same more than two hundred years later.

To get a pizza with a nice crispy bottom, lightly burnt edges and perfect golden brown cheese, you need to bake it short time at a really high temperature, which usually a regular kitchen oven can not quite cope. But for Faster Greta, it's no problem! Burn thoroughly in the stove section and let the heat settle in the stones - then just put the pizza on the stones and enjoy a perfect pizza from a wood-fired pizza oven!