Treatment system for hot tub and outdoor bathtub

Kopplingssystem för badtunna eller utomhusbadkar

It is not always possible to have your outdoor bathtub placed where it is easy to fill it with fresh water before each bath. It may also be the case that you see it as waste to refill water every time if you bathe often. That is why we have equipped our larger outdoor bathtub Bohemen with connections for both supply and drainage of water, which means that you can easily connect the tub to a treatment system, such as a sand filter, for example.

Although sand filters and other types of outdoor bath purification systems are effective, we still do not recommend using the same water for more than a week. It has to do partly with the bacterial growth, but also with the fact that the wooden interior needs to dry out from time to time.

Therefore, you should periodically clean the inside of your bathtub by hand by scrubbing with a soft cloth or sponge that does not scratch the plate. Also remove the wooden interior and scrub the interior with a root brush and a little mild soap. This is one of the great advantages of our outdoor bathtubs compared to hot tubs; that they can be easily tipped to the side to drain the water and clean by hand.

Sand filter or Filterballs?

Use a sand filter or the effective filter ball to purify the water in a pool, hot tub or outdoor bath . A water filter consists of a closed container with sand or filter balls to which hoses are connected both for supply and drainage of the water. Water is supplied to the top of the filter and led back from the bottom, after it has passed through the filter.

Filterballs are a very good alternative to filter sand and filter cartridges and have an even better filtration effect compared to loose cartridge filters or filter sand. Filterballs have a superior filtration effect compared to normal filter sand or loose cartridge filters. The balls form into an effective filter mat, which adapts to the shape of all kinds of filter containers. Filterballs capture suspended particles in the water down to 10 microns.

The filter sand is very fine-grained, and in addition each sand grain has many small sharp edges, which makes dirt particles easily stick. Even larger particles such as lint, hair and other things easily get stuck in the hard-packed sand. Only clean water is allowed past. When the sand filter has accumulated too much dirt, you need to do something called backwashing. The pump is switched off and via a valve you can switch on the water from the house. Clean water should now flow through the sand filter firmly from the other direction and into the drain. For a few minutes, the sand has been flushed clean and the dirt goes down the drain. When the backwash is complete, the hot tub water is switched on again via the valve on the sand filter and the pump is started.

Chlorine-free disinfection

Although we do not recommend using the same water for more than a week in a row, there are sometimes circumstances that make it impossible to refill water as often. Then in addition to a purification system, the water is also cleaned with a chlorine-free disinfectant. Chlorine can discolor aluminum. NOTE! A sand filter removes particles but does not kill bacteria. A liquid disinfectant can be added directly to the water. They are usually completely odorless and do not damage the tub or the interior.

Ta vara på ditt badvatten genom att bevattna ditt grönsaksland

Personal hygiene is also important

Even if you have a purification system and also disinfect the water in your outdoor bathtub from time to time, it is important not to forget personal hygiene, which is one of the big reasons why the water becomes polluted to begin with. . Before each dip in the outdoor bath, make sure that everyone who is going to take a bath takes a shower before. It does not have to be a large and cumbersome procedure. Good hygiene goes a long way in ensuring that the water in your outdoor bathtub stays clean and fresh longer.

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