Bake with the heart as Aunt Greta did

Baka med hjärtat som Faster Greta gjorde

Aunt Greta is a tribute to a kind-hearted Sami woman named Greta from Tärnaby. Greta is the aunt of Hikki's founder Per Enoksson. She baked the tastiest flatbreads imaginable in the cottage's wood stove and invited passers-by along with a cup of coffee. Here we share her kakun recipe.

Aunt Gretas Kakun - soft Sami flatbread

2 packets of yeast
1 liter of liquid - 0.5 liters of water and 0.5 liters of milk el. file
50-100 grams of margarine
0.5 packets of wheat flour
0.5 deciliters of syrup
0.5 teaspoon antler salt

The yeast is stirred into the liquid. Add the other ingredients. Mix in wheat flour last.

The dough should be loose and thus difficult to bake, so be patient. Leave to ferment for 30-40 minutes. Use a lot of flour when baking the dough. Brush with bread crumbs. The dough must not be processed for too long. Nibble the fine round cocoa before sending them into the oven at 300 degrees heat. If you are baking in a regular oven, it should first be baked on the bottom of the oven and then on the top plate. When you bake in Faster Greta, you bake on the hob. The bread should have a slightly lumpy and golden brown surface and provide an enjoyable chewing resistance.

Greta's cocoa is the finest cocoon found in Tärna parish and the surrounding area. And many wanderers and women who have been presented with this delicacy let the legends of Greta and her fantastic cocoon live on indefinitely.

Peace over her memory.

Per Enoksson with family
March 2007

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