Hikki's oven - a stove for cooking in the garden

I Faster Gretas ugnsdel bakar du bröd, pizza och allsköns godsaker
In recent months, we have worked very intensively to complete the Faster Greta oven. And now it's finally launched! A product where we feel great security in the construction while we are very proud of the design. Aunt Greta is an outdoor stove made of the material Corten steel. The stove can be used all year round and radiates a wonderful warmth in the garden during chilly spring and autumn evenings.
Faster Greta är tillverkad av kvalitetsmaterial rakt igenom

Cooking and baking is an enjoyable part of life and can contribute with a lot of joy. For that reason, Per Enoksson has long wanted to produce a baking oven for Hikki's range. In Per's case, baking in a wood-burning stove has always been associated with his aunt, whose name was Greta. She often used to bake soft flatbread, which in Sami is called Gaahkoe. The stove is of course a tribute to her and her bread baking.

Mjukt tunnbröd från Faster Greta

The oven works great as a flatbread oven, as a pizza oven and for other types of bread. In addition to baking bread, the oven can be used as a grill and for baking fish, meat and vegetables. An important function of the oven is that it is possible to regulate the smoke supply. You can therefore via a damper choose how much smoky taste the food or bread should get.

Faster Greta is good for all kind of oven cooking

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